SKU: OTW44-3545-15

Tweco 4 Liner 4.5M 0.91.2


Tweco® 15′ Universal Conduit Liner accommodates 0.035 – 0.045″ MIG steel wire and is designed for Tweco® No.3 as well as No.4 MIG guns. Conduit are ideal for welding applications up to 450 A. It is made of zinc plated MB spring wire for reducing corrosion on the metal surface. This ready to use conduit liner wire features a crimped wire guide with Tweco® adapter attached to it.


  • Zinc plated spring wire to minimize corrosion on the metal surface
  • Tweco universal conduit liner is ready to use right out of the box
  • Each conduit liner wire has a crimped wire guide that is universal common to all brands of MIG guns
  • Attached to the wire guide is an adapter; use different adapter for different MIG gun brands
  • Liner comes already attached with Tweco adapter
  • Customers can stock Tweco universal conduit liner for this wire size to fit all major MIG gun brands
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs with MIG gun conduit liners
  • Save shelf space by stocking only one Tweco universal conduit liner for each wire size
  • Simplify product offering by reducing the number of SKUs
  • Welding shops can improve productivity by consolidating conduit liners to one Tweco Brand
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