SKU: WC-03612

Torch Mig Bzl 24 4M



  • Complete MIG welding gun for light fabrication.
  • 180 Amp maximum capacity with ‘Euro’ connection to suit most common MIG welders.
  • Designed in Europe to deliver you a MIG torch that performs like it should & offers superior service life.
  • Ergonomic, easy to maintain, and ‘hidden’ details like cable quality and crimp fitting integrity are all taken care of.
  • 180 Amp Capacity (150 A @ 60% duty cycle, using mixed argon gas)
  • Euro connection – fits most common brands/models of MIG welders / wire feeders
  • Spring Loaded Trigger Connection Pins for firm contact and reliability
  • Superior Cable Crimp system to maximise conductivity and crimp joint strength
  • High Quality Cables for Maximum Flexibility, Heat and Abrasion Resistance
  • Knuckle Joint at handle for improved manoeuvrability


  • Length 4 m
  • Style BZL 24
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